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Striving to find the source of everything there is always one result—void.

When scientists delve into the quantum depths of the smallest particles and likewise into the infinite dimensions of the vast universe they always arrive at the same destination—void.

A truth is becoming more apparent. All creation emits from something that initially appears to be nothing, while instantaneously is truly everything. Even spiritual teachings throughout time convey source and destiny as—void.

What? Where did that come from?—void

Ø :D avid Biagini


All Creativity Sparks In A VOID ™


Ø :D avid Biagini


Enriching Imagery

Enriching Imagery hosts links to beautiful and—yes—enriching imagery in the form of video footage, animations, photography, 3D computer renderings, and vector art.

Ø :D avid Biagini


California Quarter

The California Quarter that We the People voted to become our California Quarter. Ultimately I created the sculpt and had the People's design, "A Golden Moment", minted in pure silver proof rounds "coined" aptly the Miracle Quarter :).

Ø :D avid Biagini


David Biagini

Well it's me. I guess that this could be considered the "About" section.

Ø :D avid Biagini